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Open-AudIT works perfectly fine using HTTPS. But - there's always a but... We do require http traffic be allowed from localhost / This is for Open-AudIT to spawn more processes when discovery runs and for task execution (well, task checking for execution). As the traffic is localhost only, it never actually hits the network interface, so is never at risk of being eavesdropped upon. We also do not use these connections to send any sensitive information. They are purely to tell Open-AudIT "check if any tasks need running" or "start another discovery thread".

If your security group insists that http be disabled from absolutely everywhere (including localhost), Opmantek is always will to assist a supported customer achieve this. Having said that:

  • The onus and burden of maintaining the required changes after each upgrade will fall to you.
  • This work may be chargeable.
  • There is no security benefit to disabling localhost http.

Configuring https is an exercise left to your System Administrator as no code or configuration changes are required in the Open-AudIT application itself.

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  1. Note, the http from localhost requirement will be removed with the release of Open-AudIT 4.3.0.