With the introduction of the Clouds feature, you can supply details of your cloud, Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, and Open-AudIT will use the relevant API to retrieve a list of locations, networks, and instances, then discover each of these instances.

Full cloud auditing with all the details from a regular Open-AudIT audit AND details such as the machine type and size.

Device Matching Rules

To use this feature you must enable the configuration items match_mac (for AWS) and match_hostname (for Azure). This will be done automatically the first time a cloud discovery is executed. For more on Open-AudIT's matching rules see HERE: Matching Devices

How Does it Work?

Once you have your cloud credentials, it is merely a matter of creating a new cloud and running the discovery - or scheduling first/future discoveries. Make sure you also have the credentials required to log on to your cloud machines, and it is all done for you just like a regular discovery.

Clouds are a feature available to Open-AudIT Enterprise licensed customers.

Creating a Clouds Entry

Simply go to menu -> Discover -> Clouds -> Create Clouds.

You will need to supply a cloud name and type and depending on the type selected, supply the relevant credentials. Screenshots are below showing the currently supported types of AWS and Azure.

Database Schema

The database schema can be found in the application is the user has database::read permission by going to menu: Admin -> Database -> List Tables, then clicking on the details button for the table.

API / Web Access

You can access the collection using the normal Open-AudIT JSON based API. Just like any other collection. Please see The Open-AudIT API documentation for further details.