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 What is Open-AudIT?

Open-AudIT is a discovery, audit and asset tracking and reporting system.

What does Open-AudIT do?

Open-AudIT tells you exactly what is on your network, how it is configured and when it changes. Open-AudIT is designed to be run on a server (Windows or Linux) and to scan your networks for devices. Once a device is found, Open-AudIT runs a series of commands upon it and stores the resulting data in a database. This data is then available for various reporting purposes. Open-AudIT comes with a list of over 50 reports with any number of additional reports able to be created by the user.


Blog Posts


Release Notes



These detailed guides, webinars, and blogs break down configuring Open-AudIT into manageable tasks and sub-tasks. These guides are designed to be followed after you have installed Open-AudIT and confirmed it is operating.


Getting device information into Open-AudIT.


Reporting on the information you have collected.


Managing collections of items.

How-To - General

About - General

Collections - General

Collections - Users


Supporting documentation about the Open-AudIT application itself.

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