Open-AudIT uses a relatively simple method to identify the model and type of a device detected using SNMP (at least initially - if these fail we attempt other functions to determine the device type, for example).

We query the OID at and match that to a model and type.

Because vendors are constantly adding new models and types of devices, we will at times not know what a particular value represents.

In these cases, you can send the details to Opmantel and we will include them for the next release.

If it is an urgent request and you are a supported customer, we can even provide a patch to fix the issue ASAP.

The details we require are the OID value, the manufacturer, model and typoe of device. That's all that is required, but if you really wish to help out you can send in a full SNMP walk of the device. Using that data we can also populate the serial for the device and potentially other important information.

snmpwalk -v2c -On -c YOUR_SNMP_COMMUNITY DEVICE_IP_ADDRESS . > device_snmp_walk.txt

The SNMP OID can be retrieved in the GUI as below.