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  • How To Install or Upgrade Open-AudIT (Linux)
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(and discovering What’s On Your Network in 10 minutes)

Open-AudIT can be downloaded, installed, configured and discovering devices in under 10 minutes.

The main points are:

  • Go to and download the latest version. Install Open-AudIT.
  • Log on to Open-AudIT and fill out the form to receive a free 20 device license.
  • Add some credentials.
  • Add a Discovery.
  • Run the Discovery.
  • Done!




Go to and download the latest version. Supply your name, email and company and download the binary. Run “sudo ./”.

Log on to Open-AudIT and you should see a splash screen informing you that you do not have a license – but Opmantek will give you a 20 device license for free. Just fill out the form and your 20 device Professional license will be activated.

All you need to do now is add some credentials, add a discovery and run it. Done!

A screencast is below. This was recorded on a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 install that already had apache and mysql installed, as well as any updates applied (simply to save time for the screencast). If apache and mysql were not installed, the installer would have installed them for us, as it does the other required packages. To come!

Once you have installed Open-AudIT, hop over to our Getting Started page for more helpful information.



Upgrading is essentially the same as installing.

Just run the installer as per above and when you log on to the web interface, you will be directed to the database schema upgrade screen.

Run this and your schema will be upgraded and you can then continue to use Open-AudIT as normal.

Don't forget we have release notes available for every version so you'll know exactly what has changed.