Released 2023-02-27

md5sum: a7b904d726c1e92c981616595c5fb6a8

sha256sum: 52381b4fae5585391b57d546cc124c138c005f1dd0e851f10707ae605064e123

Linux only release.

This release brings a lot of bug fixes and improvements.

It is recommended everyone upgrade to this release.

ProfessionalImprovementdiscoveriesAdd a discovery warning for no credentials at all.
CommunityImprovementauditRemoved DirectX info (already disabled) and Outlook Express info from software collection in Windows audit script.
CommunityImprovementauditIn audit_osx, do not set the install source to unknown, but rather an empty string.
CommunityImprovementauditAdd Windows Store-installed applications to the audit windows script. NOTE - disabled by default (at least for now). Edit the audit script and set audit_store_software to 'y' to enable this feature. We hope to refine this feature in the future to return better product names, so this is subject to change.
CommunityBugdiscoveriesFix syntax error that prevents discovering a computer via SNMP.
CommunityBugblessed subnetsAllow for a /32 blessed subnet when submitting from that IP.
ProfessionalBugdiscoveriesRestore the missing Discovery Support button on the discoveries::read template
ProfessionalImprovementfieldsThrow a warning and disallow editing buttons if the field's name contains something other than alphanumeric and underscore.
ProfessionalBugdevicesMake Select All work on the devices collection template.
ProfessionalBugtasksShow type Integration in the dropdown on tasks::read template.
ProfessionalImprovementdiscoveriesDo not allow 'execute' on Discoveries where type = Integration on the list and read templates.
ProfessionalBugfieldsAdd character validator to name field on fields_create template.
ProfessionalBugconfigurationRestore the Test Email button in the configuration.
ProfessionalImprovementinstallerRemove libpng12 from the installer as it is not required.
ProfessionalBugguiFix 'A newer version of $product is available' on the /omk template.
EnterpriseBugracksAdd back the "Add a Device" on the rack view page.
EnterpriseBugracksFix the pop-over showing the device details on the rack view page.
ProfessionalBugguiDisable most options in the menu when no license is detected, rather than allow them to be clicked and show an error page.
ProfessionalBugguiDo not show CSV upload button for collections where not permitted.
ProfessionalBugdevicesFix "upload device by audit result text" form (not file), and enable the Submit button.

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