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  • How to use Active Directory Discovery
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Active Directory Discovery queries Active Directory for a list of network subnets and discovers each in turn.

NOTE - You will need the ports for WMI on the Windows firewall opened on each target Windows computer. For Windows Core servers, ensure you allow the firewall connections as per -

How To

To use Discovery we require access credentials on the target devices. Go to Menu -> Discover -> Credentials -> Create Credentials and create credentials for all the types of devices you have. They may be for Windows, SSH (Linux / OSX / etc), SNMP, etc.

Once these have been completed you can go to Menu -> Discover -> Discoveries -> Create Discoveries.

If you have set the "Local Network Address" in the config (Menu -> Admin -> Community -> Discovery Configuration) the Network Address will be pre-populated. This should be the URL of your Open-Audit server. You can use HTTPS if preferred (and you have installed a SSL certificate).

Change the 'type' attribute to Active Directory, input the AD server you would like to query and the domain name.

Click the "Submit" button and you will be directed to the Discovery list page.

When you click Execute to start the Discovery, Open-AudIT will query the specified Domain Controller for a list of network subnets belonging to the domain. Open-AudIT will then create a discovery entry for each subnet (if it doesn't already exist) and commence discovery for that subnet.

Once the initial list of target devices has been obtained you should see details of each target as it is scanned and input into Open-AudIT.