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About Open-AudIT

Open-AudIT intelligently scans an organization’s network and stores the configurations of the discovered devices.

A powerful reporting framework enables information such as software licensing, configuration changes, non-authorized devices, capacity utilization, and hardware warranty status to be extracted and explored.

Open-AudIT Professional comes with additional features including Business Dashboards, Report filtering, Scheduled discovery, Scheduled Reports, and Maps.

Open-AudIT Enterprise further extends Open-AudIT Professional by also including File Auditing, Baselines and Role Based Access Control.

Open-AudIT Community versus Professional & Enterprise

Which version of Open-AudIT is right for you?

Open-AudIT Professional & Enterprise includes additional modules that improve discovery, simplify administration and increase reporting ability.

Use the comparison chart below to decide which version best suits your organization’s requirements.



AuditingyyyDetailed attribute retrieval.
Change DetectionYYYRecord and report on any changes in device attributes.
Custom Attribute ValuesYYYSet custom values for status, etc.
Custom FieldsYYYCreate complete custom attributes and / or values.
Data ExportYYYCSV, XML, JSON export.
Database Server DiscoveryYYYSQL Server and MySQL.
Device ManagementYYYManage who has the device, where it is, warranty, etc.
DiscoveryYYYFind devices on your network.
File Share DiscoveryYYYSMB Shares.
Software License ReportingYYYWhat software is deployed and how many licenses do you have.
Web Server DiscoveryYYYApache and IIS.
Commercial Support YYUnbeatable support!
Enhanced Reports YYReport scheduling, Multi-Reports, etc.
Geographical Maps YYWhat locations contain which devices?
Interactive Dashboard YYEasily visible and consumable charts and graphs.
JSON API YYA fully documented JSON Restful API for your use.
Reporting Over Time YYReports with a date range.
Scheduling YYSchedule Baselines, Discoveries, Reports, and Queries.
Baselines  YCompare devices to a baseline of attributes.
Collectors  YUse one Server to control discovery running on another server.
Custom Role Based Access Control  YCreate and modify Roles to suit your specific requirements (including Active Directory and LDAP).
File Change Detection  YDetect if a file has been changed in any way.
CMDB Integration  YUsing the JSON API.