Open-AudIT comes with many queries inbuilt. If you require a specific query and none of the pre-packaged queries fit your needs, it's quite easy to create a new one and load it into Open-AudIT for running.

Join Mark Henry as he discusses how to create your own custom queries.

View Query Details

Go to menu:  Manage -> Queries -> List Queries.


You will see a list of queries. You can view the details of a query by clicking on the blue view button.


You can execute a query by clicking the green Execute button, the results will be displayed immediately.


You can also edit or delete any query. You delete the query by clicking the red trash can icon under the delete column as displayed in previous screen shots.

Creating a Query Entry

A query can be created using the web interface if a user has a role that contains the queries::create permission. Go to menu: Manage -> Queries -> Create Queries. There is also a "+" button on the List Queries page.

Details for creating custom queries can be found HERE: Creating a Query, If you need to create a Query that includes a custom Field you should look HERE: Create a Query containing Custom Fields  

Database Schema

The database schema can be found in the application is the user has database::read permission by going to menu: Admin -> Database -> List Tables, then clicking on the details button for the table.

API / Web Access

You can access the collection using the normal Open-AudIT JSON based API. Just like any other collection. Please see The Open-AudIT API documentation for further details.

Default Items

Shipped are a set of default items. These can be found by going to menu: Help → Defaults → Queries.