So you've downloaded the latest version of the Opmantek Virtual Machine from and now you want to set it up and take it for a test drive to see how NMIS and the Opmantek networking modules can help you administer your network.  No problem.  Easy.

  1. Import the OVA (Open Virtual Machine Format) or OVF file into VMware, Virtualbox,...
  2. Start up the new VM, optionally set a static IP address
  3. Access NMIS and the other Opmantek applications in your browser via the machines IP address.

Using the OVA

All Opmantek Virtual Machine releases since January 2018 are published as a single "ova" file (Open Virtual Machine), which encapsulates all necessary data in a single archive.
The import instructions below can be used to deploy the Opmantek Virtual Machine straight from that one downloaded file.

Supported Hypervisors


Out of the box there is nothing to do - just start the virtual machine and connect to the application URL (the machines IP address), done!

If you would like to configure the virtual machine to use static IP address or set the hostname or set the security to your liking, see here - Getting Started, Configuring the Virtual Machine.  By default the virtual machine will get it's IP address from DHCP.


Start the virtual machine and simply use a browser to connect to the IP address of your virtual machine.

From here either click the "Simple Configuration Wizard" icon or check out a particular Module by clicking it's icon.  For more on configuring application settings, see here - Getting Started, Configuring the Applications

Our individual applications are covered in great detail in their own wiki spaces (see below).