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Welcome to the NMIS (Network Management Information System), community page!  NMIS is open source network management software which was first released in 1999, it is a complete network management system which assists with fault, performance and configuration management, providing performance graphs and threshold alerting as well as highly granular notification policies with many types of notification methods.  You can download NMIS from here.

Have you just downloaded NMIS (VM or source)? See the NMIS v8 Documentation section information to get you started and help you configure NMIS.  If you are looking for information and documentation for one of our modules see the specific Module links below.  Lastly, if you have just downloaded the VM Bundle with NMIS which includes all of our modules check out the  Getting Started - Virtual Appliance Bundle & NMIS 8 document to get you going. 

More information about Opmantek and our products and services available on our website.


We're actively working on the next generation of NMIS and late beta releases are now available. Please contact us at if you'd like to experiment with NMIS 9.

NMIS v8 Documentation

Current NMIS v8 documentation is listed below.

NMIS in Depth

Why does NMIS do that, how does it work?

NMIS Troubleshooting & Micro FAQ

NMIS Training

Opmantek has training material available for NMIS, this is available in PDF format, and includes a movie which is about an hour long for the NMIS Device Modelling Training.  All this downloadable:

NMIS Support

Old patching

NMIS4 Documentation

Other Resources for NMIS Users



Opmantek Modules to Extend NMIS8

  • opFlow - Application level visibility using NetFlow information, providing incredible visibility into bandwidth usage, by user and application.
  • opReports - Expert reporting, with traffic lights and actions.
  • opMaps - Geographical mapping of your Organisation, from NMIS information.
  • opSLA - Enhanced IPSLA engine for 10000's of IPSLA probes on a single server.
  • opHA - High availability for NMIS through Master/Poller and Multi-Master configurations.
  • opConfig - Automatically track and back up configurations. Compare configurations.
  • opCharts - Modern, dynamic, interactive charting, custom dashboards and a RESTful API for all NMIS data and more. 



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Page: Advanced Configuration Options for Optimising NMIS8 Page: Advanced Modelling: When a single SNMP variable isn't enough Page: Alerts - Using models to generate custom events Page: Amount of Performance Data Storage NMIS8 Stores Page: Basic and Advanced Thresholds in NMIS8 Page: Configuration Files for NMIS Page: Configuring Email Server for NMIS Notifications including Gmail server Page: Configuring NMIS for Multi-Tenancy Page: Configuring NMIS to use Internal Authentication Page: Configuring NMIS to use Secure Active Directory Authentication (ms-ldaps) Page: Controlling the Collection of Interfaces, Adjustments and Overrides Page: Creating NMIS Email Notifications for a Specific Node and Interface Page: Custom Notification Methods for NMIS Events Page: Custom Tables in NMIS Page: Default Credentials (Passwords) for NMIS8 VM Page: Description of the NMIS Event Log Page: Developing Device Models for NMIS Page: Device Modelling Checklist Page: Disable Widgets for opMaps and opFlow in NMIS Dashboard GUI Page: Enabling SNMP Management on Windows 2008 Server Page: Extending SNMPd for custom monitoring Page: Getting Started - NMIS8 Virtual Appliance Bundle Installation Page: How NMIS interfaces with WMI-based devices Page: How to add utilisation columns to CSV-exported interface data Page: How-to articles Page: How To Customise Interface Speed, Collection, Thresholds and Events Using Node Configuration Page: Important NMIS Configuration Options Page: Import Nodes into NMIS8 - bulk import and integration Page: Information about Network Ports Page: Installing Perl Libraries with and without CPAN Page: Learning and Understanding Perl Page: Linking Nodes to other systems including Web, SSH, Telnet and whatever you need. Page: Logs, debugs and files which are useful when troubleshooting and resolving issues in NMIS Page: Making Sounds for Critical Events on the NMIS Dashboard Page: Manage Current Events - acknowledge events to stop escalation and notification Page: Managing Nodes with High Interface Counts Page: Managing Servers and Services with NMIS8 Page: Modelling MIBS that use Indexes using the systemHealth section Page: Moving the NMIS database to a new partition Page: NMIS8 and fping or just ping Page: NMIS8 Configuration Page: NMIS8 Graphs Showing letters after the numbers in the y-axis Page: NMIS8 - Installing NMIS in a Non Standard Location Page: NMIS8 Vendor and Device Support Page: NMIS 4.3.6e Installation Documentation Page: NMIS 8 Installation Guide Page: NMIS 8 Installation Guide (up to Version 8.5.4G) Page: NMIS 8 Release Notes Page: NMIS 9 Release Notes Page: NMIS and multi-homed nodes Page: NMIS Customising the Dashboard Layout - Save Windows and Positions Page: NMIS Dashboards with Alternate Groupings - Customers and Business Services Page: NMIS File Permissions Page: NMIS Handling Counter64 using SNMPv1 Page: NMIS Key Performance Indicators - KPI's Page: NMIS Metrics, Reachability, Availability and Health Page: NMIS Model Policy Page: NMIS Node Status Page: NMIS - Optimize nmis8/var For Speed - RAM Disk Page: NMIS - Polling Policy - Configuring Variable Polling Polices Page: NMIS Report Descriptions Page: NMIS - Solution Guide - Utilizing Service Monitoring To Check SSL Certificate Expiry Page: NMIS Threshold Configuration Page: Node Administration Tools Page: opEvents - Syslog Handling - Adding a New Vendor Page: Opmantek Virtual Appliance Release Notes Page: Patching NMIS 8.4 with Additional CBQoS SNMP Collection Page: Patching NMIS with 8.3.4G Update Page: Patching NMIS with 8.3.6G Update Page: Patching NMIS with 8.3.9G Update Page: Patching NMIS with 8.3.15G Update Page: Patching NMIS with 8.3.18G Update Page: Patching NMIS with 8.4.1G Page: Patching NMIS with 8.4.6G Page: Perl Net::SNMP Error: Time synchronization failed during discovery Page: Ping Timeout and NMIS, including fast ping - fping Page: Regular System Maintenance for NMIS Page: Resizing NMIS VMs Page: Scaling NMIS Polling Page: Scaling NMIS polling - how NMIS handles long running processes Page: Scheduled Outages or Maintenance Windows Page: Service Monitoring Examples Page: Simplify Large Scale NMIS/OMK Server Deployments with Domain Wide Standardization Script Page: SNMP Traps with Cisco and Other devices Page: SNMP Troubleshooting Page: SNMP Tuning Page: Sync or copy NMIS data between two NMIS servers Page: Testing SNMP Connectivity from the NMIS Server with snmpwalk Page: The NMIS Support Tool Page: Upgrading Models Page: Upgrading NMIS to 8.4.10G Page: Upgrading NMIS to 8.5.2G Page: Upgrading NMIS to 8.5.4G Page: Upgrading NMIS to 8.5.6G Page: Upgrading NMIS to 8.5.8G Page: Upgrading NMIS to 8.5.10G Page: Upgrading NMIS to 8.5.12G Page: Upgrading NMIS to 8.5G Page: Upgrading NMIS to 8.6.0G Page: Upgrading NMIS to 8.6.1G Page: Upgrading NMIS to 8.6.6G Page: User Management in NMIS8 Page: Using SNMPv3 with NMIS for Secure Network Management Page: Using Unique Identifiers (UUID) for NMIS Nodes