Adding and editing a device in NMIS8 is very easy, there are only three things which MUST be included, these are a name for the node (this does not need to be IP/DNS resolvable), a hostname or IP address for the device (this does need to be IP/DNS resolvable) and you need to provide an SNMP community string.  You can basically use defaults for everything else.

Managing Devices in NMIS8

To manage devices in NMIS access the menu option “System -> System Configuration -> Nodes (devices)”.

This will display a list of devices already being managed by NMIS. You can view, add, edit, delete devices from this menu.

Adding or Editing a Node in NMIS8

After you have clicked add or edit, you will get a screen like this (the nodes panel will be a long panel).

At a minimum you will need to enter the name and IP address adn an SNMP community string.

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