By default NMIS summarises information by groups of devices, and this makes it a great network management system, as you can group the devices the way that represents your business, in NMIS 8.5.6G we added some additional node properties and dashboard views for Customer and Business Services based views.  A node can have one customer associated, but it can have multiple business services.

You can associate a node to a customer or business service by editing the node and selecting a single customer or selecting multiple business services and saving the node.

Example Dashboards

Below are some examples of the views you will have once setup.  When working with the "fine-grained" NMIS Node Status you will see the columns NodeDn for Node Down and NodeDeg for Nodes Degraded.  This view will assist to determine customer or business impact of a node which is down or has been degraded in some way.

NMIS Customer Summary Dashboard Widget

NMIS Customer View by Device Groups Dashboard Widget

NMIS Business Services Summary Dashboard Widget

NMIS Business Service View by Device Groups Dashboard Widget

Enabling Additional Views

You can add Customers, which could be internal or external customers, e.g. a business unit could be a customer if you are an IT department or another company is your customer if you are a service provider.  Then assign devices to customers.

Add or Edit Customers

To add or edit customers access the menu "System -> System Configuration -> Customers".

Then delete or edit an existing Customer or add a new one.

Select the groups you want to associate with this customer, this is not a authorisation selection, this will control which groups will show under the customer status screen.

Add or Edit Business Services

To add or edit customers access the menu "System -> System Configuration -> Business Services".

Then delete or edit an existing Customer or add a new one.

Network Status Views

Once you have upgraded NMIS, after refreshing your NMIS dashboard you will have options for "Customer Status and Health" and "Business Service Status and Health", under the "Network Status" menu option on the top left.

Change the NMIS Dashboard

The NMIS configuration option network_health_view controls how the dashboard is summarised.  You can change this from the default of "Group" to be "Customer" or "Business" to group by Business Services.

'network_health_view' => 'Customer',

Configuration Required

The only configuration required is to add the groups of devices to the Customer or BusinessService tables.  This is for the authorisation, so the groups for a customer are known and prevents viewing by unauthorised people.  This can be done through the GUI, by editing the groups for a Customer in the Customer Table, "System -> Customers", then edit the Customer, select the required groups for that customer.


With these new views you will be able consolidate views of your entire IT infrastructure from all NMIS systems and have a single pane of glass displaying devices by functional or business views.


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