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The NMIS Event Log is a realtime update of what is NMIS see's is happening with devices being managed.  By default the NMIS event log has this name, /usr/local/nmis8/logs/event.log

Event Log Output

The raw event log looks like this, a log entry exists when a Notification Policy has resulted in sending an email.

Event Log Contents

The fields which are included in each event are described here.

Event Log DataDescription
timeThe UNIX time of the event
nodeThe node name which NMIS knows the node by
eventThe name of the event, possible values at present are listed in this article NMIS Event List.

The event level, possible values are:

  • Fatal
  • Critical
  • Major
  • Minor
  • Warning
  • Error
  • Normal
  • Unknown
elementThe specific element of the node experiencing this problem. This will be an interface, service name, disk or processor ID, etc.
detailsOther details about the event, like threshold values, time event was active

Poller Event Log

When viewing the Slave_Event_Log, you are viewing syslog events from NMIS poller servers sending events in by syslog.  The end of the line incluse the sending server with a ":: servername" appended to the end.

NMIS 12-Feb-2013 09:15:25 meatball Proactive Interface Input Utilisation Fatal Dialer1 Value=127.64 Threshold=95 ::
NMIS 12-Feb-2013 09:15:25 meatball Proactive Interface Input Utilisation Fatal ATM0.1-aal5 layer Value=126.42 Threshold=95 ::
NMIS 12-Feb-2013 07:40:12 nmisdev Service Up Normal port80 Time=00:05:05 ::
NMIS 12-Feb-2013 07:40:12 nmisdev Service Down Warning port80 ::
NMIS 12-Feb-2013 06:45:19 meatball Proactive Interface Input Utilisation Closed Normal ATM0.1-aal5 layer Value=9.63 Threshold=60 Time=00:15:00 ::
NMIS 12-Feb-2013 06:45:19 meatball Proactive Interface Input Utilisation Closed Normal Dialer1 Value=9.66 Threshold=60 Time=00:15:00 ::
NMIS 12-Feb-2013 06:50:11 nmisdev Service Up Normal port80 Time=00:05:03 ::
NMIS 12-Feb-2013 06:50:11 nmisdev Service Down Warning port80 ::
NMIS 12-Feb-2013 06:45:19 meatball Proactive Interface Input Utilisation Warning Dialer1 Value=61.86 Threshold=60 ::
NMIS 12-Feb-2013 06:45:19 meatball Proactive Interface Input Utilisation Warning ATM0.1-aal5 layer Value=61.96 Threshold=60 ::
NMIS 12-Feb-2013 06:40:24 meatball Proactive Interface Output Utilisation Closed Normal ATM0.1-aal5 layer Value=44.55 Threshold=60 Time=00:04:55 ::

The raw poller log file will look like this:

The first part of the lins is added by syslog "Feb 12 07:00:29 localhost[24461]:"

The rest of the line ",nmisdev,Service Up,Normal,port80, Time=00:05:05" is a normal NMIS Event log entry, with "NMIS_Event::servername::" appended to the front of the log entry.

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