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Using Internal Authentication

We recommend updating the authentication system from apache to htpasswd (so NMIS does authentication instead of Apache). 3 steps need to be taken to change this.

Change Config.nmis to tell NMIS to use htpasswd 

Backup old apache config

Generate new apache configuration (if you have customised yours edit it and remove the auth portions instead of generating a new one) 

Update Apache Config for NMIS

Create new config to replace old config and restart apache 


Troubleshooting Internal Authentication for opCharts

1. First this to double-check is if opCharts is running in standalone mode or not, it should not be.  Details here: opCharts Administration Guide

2. Second thing is see if there is a users.dat and Users.nmis file in /usr/local/omk/conf, if there is rename it and try to login with the users.  

3. It should work now, if not Sym link /usr/local/nmis8/conf/Users.nmis to /usr/local/omk/conf/Users.nmis

Sym Link




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  1. Note: I was having no luck with authntication until I symlinked 'users.dat' rather than 'Users.nmis'. It appears that this page might be outdated?

    1. Thanks Bryan, documentation updated.