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  • Configuring Email Server for NMIS Notifications including Gmail server
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NMIS provides the capability to notify users when various events are detected.  The main method of nofication is using email, but many others are available.

Configuring Mail Server

To access the settings, from the menu access "System -> System Configuration -> NMIS Configuration"

From the configuration widget select "email"

The required configuration needs to be put in here:

Email Server Configuration Table

These are the options we have tested and recommend for various email servers.

ConfigurationDescriptionRegular SMTP ServerGMail SMTP ServerOffice 365 SMTP Server
mail_combineDo you want to combine emails for each email target?true
mail_fromEmail address you want to use for NMIS
mail_serverThe mail FQDN or IP

Should we use IPv4 or IPv6 to connect (IPv6 will only
work if you have end to end IPv6 connectivity)

mail_server_portThe TCP port to use for connection25587587
mail_use_tlsShould the TLS protocol be usedfalsetruetrue
mail_use_saslShould the SASL protocol be usedfalsefalsefalse
mail_userThe username to login with, blank for nothing
mail_passwordThe password to login with, blank for nothing yourpasswordyourpassword
mail_domaindomainname to use for

Testing Email Server Connection

Once you have configured your email server, it is best to test it, login to your NMIS server and run the command /usr/local/nmis8/admin/, this will send an email to the Contact configured as Contact1.  If you have problem you can run /usr/local/nmis8/admin/ debug=true which will provide very verbose output for what the problem might be.

If you steel having problems with no test email in your inbox, please turn on you access for less secure apps, in the link

You will be able to see all the missing steps in you google accounts.



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