This article is a quick overview of how to enable the SNMP Service on Windows 2008 Server.

Enable the SNMP Feature

Access the Server Manager and select the "Features" option.

If the SNMP Service has not already been added, click on Add Features and select the SNMP service from the list of features which can be added.

Configure the SNMP Service

Now the SNMP feature has been added it needs to be configured.

Access the SNMP Service Properties

Look for the Services Section in the Server Manager, it is under Configuration.   Locate the SNMP Service and if not started, start it.  

Click on the Properties to configure the SNMP service.

Configure the SNMP Community String

Select the Security tab and add a community string, which is a shared string used by the SNMP server and the SNMP agent.

Select the option to "Accept SNMP packets from any host" or select "Accept SNMP packets from these hosts" add the hosts you want to allow use SNMP access.

Click OK to save these settings and test your SNMP access.

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