To configure the WMI collection we need to know the Windows Domain and IP Address. If you are using the domain as the default workgroup then the computer name will be used as the domain. By default for using workgroup, we need to use the Administrator account and correspondent password. 

On This example, we are using a workgroup domain. So, we will use the computer name: WIN-MMKMP1PLMLI and IP Address:

On the NMIS9 we need to add a new node. So, give a name: Windows2012, IP Address, and on the WMI Options( Username: Administrator and Password: $$$).

We need to select a model: we are using Windows 2012.

Now, we need to "Add and Update Node" Button.

You can see the orange bar below that means that we are processing an update. 

How to Configure WMI on the Windows Server (Advanced)

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