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  • Getting Started, Converting the OVF for VMware Desktop Applications (Fusion, Workstation)
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These VMware Desktop products  will import directly from an OVF/OVA file so you can just start up the software and select "File → Open" and select the OVA file for import.

VMware Fusion 11

Even though, there are no caveats in relation to importing the Virtual Appliance using VMware Fusion,
it is important to remind users to grant permission to VMware Fusion to fully execute on OSX, specially after installing it.

The following message is displayed while running the VM without the permission granted.

The permission should be granted on System Preferences > Security & Privacy

Upgrade the Virtual machine hardware version (optional)

The Opmantek Virtual Appliance ships with the virtual machine hardware version set very low for maximum compatibility, but you may want to upgrade the hardware version to a higher level (to leverage performance benefits, remove memory limitations, etc.) as described on the VMware website

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