Log severity levels are defined as below. The logging levels described by RFC 5424.

  • DEBUG (7): Detailed debug information.

  • INFO (6): Interesting events. Examples: User logs in, SQL logs.

  • NOTICE (5): Normal but significant events.

  • WARNING (4): Exceptional occurrences that are not errors. Examples: Use of deprecated APIs, poor use of an API, undesirable things that are not necessarily wrong.

  • ERROR (3): Runtime errors that do not require immediate action but should typically be logged and monitored.

  • CRITICAL (2): Critical conditions. Example: Application component unavailable, unexpected exception.

  • ALERT (1): Action must be taken immediately. Example: Entire website down, database unavailable, etc. This should trigger the SMS alerts and wake you up.

  • EMERGENCY (0): Emergency: system is unusable.

Database Schema

The database schema can be found in the application is the user has database::read permission by going to menu: Admin -> Database -> List Tables, then clicking on the details button for the table.

API / Web Access

You can access the collection using the normal Open-AudIT JSON based API. Just like any other collection. Please see The Open-AudIT API documentation for further details.