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  • How to import devices using a spreadsheet
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Importing Devices

Devices of all types can be imported using a comma separated value (CSV) text file. Different device types will need different attributes in the spreadsheet. Sample spreadsheets are provided in the open-audit/other/imports folder.

Complete the CSV file and upload it to the web interface; in Community select Discover -> Discoveries -> Import Discoveries from CSV from the menu, in Professional or Enterprise by selecting Manage -> Devices -> Import Devices from CSV from the menu.

Naturally the more columns you can complete, the better your data store will be.

These items (once imported) can be queried and changed via the web interface. You can also export them via a Query.

Sample CSV files include:

  • devices.csv - for all device types EXCEPT phones (see below).
  • locations.csv - for importing Locations (use Manage -> Locations -> Import Locations from CSV)
  • orgs.csv - for importing Organizations (use Manage -> Orgs -> Import Orgs from CSV).
  • phones.csv - minimal required information to support a phone type device.

We are adding more device types all the time. All devices have a corresponding icon. If you have a specific device type you would like catered for, please let us know via the forums.

Below are the valid device types in the form of database attribute value (value) = human readable value (name). You should use the database attribute value in your spreadsheet. Valid types of items in the Open-AudIT database are: