Open-AudIT needs very little in the way of hardware to be installed and run. That said, the capacity of hardware required depends entirely on the number of subnets to be scanned, the scan interval and the number of detected devices. Read on for some guidelines.


We recommend at least a Intel i3 with 4GB memory and 1GB of disk. This should be thought of as a minimum, however you can install it on lesser specifications if you really have to.

We have successfully run Open-AudIT on a network containing around 100 subnets and 7,000 devices on a Core2Duo with 4GB memory and a spinning disk.

Open-AudIT will install and run on any hardware that can run Apache and MySQL. It may run slower, but it will run.

In order to use Open-AudIT in a fast and responsive way, we recommend at least 2,000 Mhz of CPU, 4GB memory and an SSD. This should scale to most medium requirements.

If you are finding that Open-AudIT is running slowly, memory and fast disk are your biggest friends. Open-AudIT uses MySQL for it's database, so anything you can do to speed up MySQL will benefit Open-AudIT. MySQL is a fairly typical database - memory and fast disk work wonders (smile)


The operating systems we support Open-AudIT on are:

  • Windows Server 2016 and up (Windows 10 not supported) - must be 64bit.
  • Linux - RedHat 8 & 9, Debian 11 & 12, Ubuntu 20.04 & 22.04 - all must be 64bit.

Open-AudIT uses Apache, PHP and MySQL along with Perl, vbscript, bash script and various other technologies. These are all included with your operating system or included in the downloadable Open-AudIT package. There is one exception to this, which is NMAP on Windows. NMAP must be downloaded and installed by the user. Linux versions of Open-AudIT use the NMAP package provided by the distribution which the installer will prompt you for.


We develop using the latest version of Chrome on OSX & Linux, Firefox on OSX & Linux and Safari on OSX.

Any modern browser that supports HTML5 should be acceptable.

We endeavor to support the latest and second to the latest version of the major browsers.

Prerequisites General

The Open-AudIT installer should take care of all required prerequisites, except for Nmap when on Windows.

Prerequisites - Windows

We ship all required dependencies using the XAMPP package other than NMAP itself and the Microsoft Visual C runtime.

Please install NMAP from

Please install the latest Visual C runtime from

Microsoft Windows desktop systems have network limitations that may impact the performance of Open-AudIT. The TCP/IP stack limits the number of simultaneous incomplete outbound TCP connection attempts. After the limit is reached, subsequent connection attempts are put in a queue and will be resolved at a fixed rate (10 per second). If too many enter the queue, they may be dropped. For this reason, installing Open-AudIT on a Windows desktop operating system is not supported.

Prerequisites - Linux

The required packages should be installed by the Open-AudIT installer. The required packages are detailed on this page - How To Install or Upgrade Open-AudIT (Linux).