Occasionally Open-AudIT will fail to work as expected. You may even see an error page. One thing you can do is to put Open-AudIT into development mode.

NOTE - This should only be used when absolutely required. Leaving development mode active will fill your database and disk - you have been warned.

To enable development mode, rename the file as below.

sudo mv /usr/local/open-audit/env /usr/local/open-audit/.env
copy c:\xampp\open-audit\env c:\xampp\open-audit\.env

Next, use your chosen text editor and open the file. Change line 17 from:

# CI_ENVIRONMENT = development


CI_ENVIRONMENT = development

That all you need to do.

When development mode is enable, debug level log are written to the log files. These files are at (obviously $date is the current YYYY-MM-DD date):


Or on Windows


Perform the function that didn't work as expected again (which may be as simple as refreshing your browser page) and then check the logs.

Firstwave Support may well ask for these logs to be included in a ticket for further diagnosis.

Remember - disable development mode (by adding the # back to the start of line 17 in .env) when done.

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