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How Does it Work?

View Database Details

Go to menu:  Admin -> Database -> List Tables.

You will see a list of tables that are part of the database if the your user has database::read permission.

You can view a the details of the listed tables by clicking on the blue view button. It will list the attributes of the table, the number of row and the table structure. In addition, there is an option to export the data of the table on 3 formats (CSV, SQL and XML), the data will be appended at the end of the current view.

API / Web Access

You can access the /database collection using the normal Open-AudIT JSON based API. Just like any other collection. Please see the API documentation for further details.

Access is provided as part of a roles permissions. Database is a standard resource and have read permissions only.

API Routes

Request Method
Resulting Function
Permission Required
URL Example
Example Response
readdatabase::read/database/{name}Returns a table details.database_read.json
collectiondatabase::read/databaseReturns the tables of the database.database_collection.json