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Table of Contents

NMIS 8.6.7G

This is a maintenance release of NMIS, which was published on 17 Aug 2018.

Highlights for the 8.6.7G release

  • The node dashboard widgets and graph drill-ins now load substantially faster,
    and graph files are now cached for up to 60 seconds (configurable via graph_file_maxage config item).
  • SNMP Uptime counter wrapping (at 497 days) is now handled more robustly.
  • The logic for group display/exclusion in the GUI widgets was repaired,
    and now only nodes belonging to the configured groups (in group_list) are displayed.
    (Like before, all active nodes are handled by the polling and event engine, regardless of group membership.)
  • The handling of node resets and long-term unpollable nodes is now more robust and reliable.
  • The Polling Failover feature was extended to provide more fine-grained events and node states.
  • NMIS now provides a configurable rule for acceptable node names (using the config item node_name_rule) which is consistely applied everywhere;
    the shipped default rule was also relaxed and now allows letters, numbers, space, underscore, hyphen and dot.
  • NMIS now supports WMI polling in windows domains more robustly and username and domain can be provided in multiple formats.
  • Various modelling improvements, e.g. the nocollect directive is now supported in systemHealth model sections.
  • New and improved devices support for Nexus 7k, Adtran, Cisco, Arista, Mikrotik, Netvanta, PulseSecure, Juniper.
  • admin/ now supports bulk export and import..
  • Various robustness improvements, e.g. in, more fine-grained logging.

NMIS 8.6.6G

This maintenance release of NMIS was published on 1 Jun 2018.