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  • NMIS 9 Release Notes

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  • Bugfix in the rename node process failing when the new folder already contain the same rrd file names. Now the process is as follows: 
    • If there are some existing files in the destination folder, NMIS9 will try to rename the existing file to file-name.rrd.duplicate
    • If it can't rename the existing file, it is going to log a warning. The file will have to be handled manually. 
    • The process continues.
  • Now the collector adds the configuration.node in the latest_data collection and an index for this field and time. This allow certain queries to be more efficient, specially for opCharts 4.0.7B topN. 
  • Restore node now updates the last_update field. 

NMIS 9.0.6a

The beta release was published on 30 August 2019.