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NMIS 8.7.0G

This maintenance release of NMIS was published on 22 May 2020.

Highlights for the 8.7.0G release

8.7.0G is a major release with lots of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Installer fixes


  • Get PAM module from repositories
  • Now installer uses cpanm for cpan installs as it is more flexible and does not need initial configuration as cpan doesModelling enhancements: 

Model Enhancements

  • support for new models:
    • Viptella models
    • Ericsson Router
    • Vyatta VYOS devices
    • Cisco BGP MIB 
    • Huawei HQOS graphs
    • Stats metrics to the Cisco routing model
    • Bluecoat Model 
    • f5 model
  • Model Improvements: 
    • Cisco Meraki and Meraki Cloud 
    • Improved models for Juniper IVE devices
    • Improved Fortinet FG model
    • Improved Microtik model
    • Improved Cisco Nexus model
    • Display temperature of the sensors in AristaSwitch model
  • Fixes for the Cisco Temperature model. Updates to the Cisco models to include temperature values
  • Work around net-snmp snmpd which reports almost anything as hrfixeddisk
  • Removing the degrees symbol from Units in Alerts
  • Added 'option' => 'small' to generate small graph when small graph requested in maxbits
  • Some graphs updated to show Max values, not only averages
  • Enhancing the Host Resource Model with thresholding
  • Added Opengear to Model.nmis to use Default-HC
  • Added lldpLocal to Model-Policy
  • Adding the missing ADSL graph to the NMIS source and fix ADSL model files
  • Added new RouteNumber section so variable accessible through stats
  • Common-database.nmis updated to include 'TeldatQoSStat' and 'TeldatBTSStat' entries

Plugin Improvements


  • Cisco Meraki Cloud
  • Viptella models
  • Added the OSS banner to the plugin code
  • Improvement in NMIS having a plugin include reach data
  • Enhancements to NMIS for health metrics for plugins and implementing ifNodeCollectable




  • Only run services polling on nodes which have service polling defined
  • Improvement to ifAdminStatus change detection to handle ifIndex changes. New event (Interface IfAdminStatus Changed)
  • Adding 300 seconds to node reset detection for odd Linux SNMP sysUpTime
  • Added collect_wmi/snmp properties to allow disabling either protocol (snmp_enabled, wmi_enabled). Also, added the migration script migrate_collectpatch to support this properties, added support for SNMPv3. Added an script test in admin/upgrade_node_collect
  • Optimisation to stop running services if no service polling required on a node
  • Improved debugging for a single node, runEscalate is skipped for a single node collect
  • Add a new configuration option sort_due_nodes, to order nodes based on last_time_poll
  • Improving the polling so that nodes do not get polled too frequently
  • Added escalate_poll_cycle to control when the escalate cycle is run




  • Added new utility script admin/import_zenoss_backup to import devices from Zenoss device dump file (Example in admin/samples/zenbatchdump_sample.txt )
  • model_discovery to automatically determine which existing modelling exists
  • alcatel_interface_discovery admin tool has been deprecated



Fixes and Improvements


  • Updated printCrontab to split the running of collect and services to separate cycles. Also include additional info for run=escalate
  • fix in to show type=metrics, group=network graphs
  • Added support to preserve -- when lowercase names are wanted
  • Improve the debug output. Remove passwords from logs
  • Added support for Common-event.nmis event model policy handling for custom node roles
  • Added Node Count per poll cycle count
  • Added handling for new types of loopback interfaces called lo0
  • The minimum length of time that a graph can show has been reduced from 30 min to 10 min, this allows to see shorter periods with better details
  • Updated polling summary to include demoted nodes and pingonly nodes,  show stats for demoted and non snmp polled nodes
  • CVAR support for threshold controls
  • Add interface description in custom test alerts
  • Fix issue with notifications for elements with /
  • Update the installed modules detection
  • Added support for Crowd Auth
  • Add support for env_temp with the new configuration item env_temp_legacy_support

NMIS8 installer may stop at CPAN attempt to install WWW::Mechanize on Redhat6 or Centos6