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For Open-AudIT, the following users are set up by default.

UsernamePasswordLevelUsed For
adminpasswordAdministratordefault logon
open-audit_enterpriseopenaudit1234567890UserList view access on "All Devices" group only.

You should use the admin user to log on to the web interface.


You will need to update the audit scripts "url" variable in the open-audit/other/ directory (both .sh and .vbs scripts). The files,,, audit_subnet.vbs, audit_windows.vbs will all need changing if running the scripts directly on the targets and outside a discovery.

In the configuration for Open-AudIT Enterprise change the file omk/conf/opCommon.nmis and set the oae_server variable to include the changed port number.

Linux - /usr/local/omkd/conf/opCommon.nmis

WIndows - c:\omk\conf\opCommon.nmis

Changing the port Apache runs on is differnet for different installations. Some general guidelines are below.


On Windows, modify the file c:\xampplite\apache\conf\httpd.conf (change the port contained in the Listen attribute) then restart apache by stopping and starting the apache2.2 Service in the Windows Services control panel item.

Edit the file and include the port -

Linux - /usr/local/opmojo/bin/

Windows - c:\omk\bin\open-audit_tasks.vbs

Edit the following files to include the port  (search for or execute.vbs).

Linux -





Windows -





You should now be able to navigate to http://<SERVER>:81<port>/ in your browser and get a response.