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  • Release Notes for Open-AudIT v1.2

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NOTE - On the Discovery web form is a check box to run using "debug". This should only be used to troubleshoot an individual device (or very small subnet - say a device or two) and the web interface will hang until such time as the discovery process is complete. Do not use this in normal operation. It is provided as a convenience only.

Discovery is quite verbose and creates quite a few log lines in (linux) /usr/local/open-audit/other/open-audit.log or (windows) c:\xampplite\open-audit\other\open-audit.log. In order to have "some" management over this file, a new menu item is provided at Menu -> Admin -> Logs -> Purge Log to simply delete the contents of that file. If you find you need to view more lines than are shown in the web interface, simply add /#LINES (ie - /50) to the end of the URL.

You should first setup the default credentials for Open-AudIT in Menu -> Admin -> Config, but you can also provide these on a per Discovery basis.