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Most Open-AudIT Enterprise options can be configured in the web GUI, but a few are only in the config file. You can find the config file at (Linux) /usr/local/omk/conf/opCommon.nmis and (Windows) c:\omk\conf\opCommon.nmis. It is a text file so any reasonable text editor can be used to edit it.


Open-AudIT Enterprise can be configured to report on a specific Open-AudIT Community group. By default it is configured to report on group #1 - the All Devices group. To change the group, edit the config file and change the variable oae_group in the openauditenterprise section of the file. You will need the id of the group you wish to use. This can be obtained from the Open-AudIT Community install by viewing the group and noting the integer in the URL. Typically the Computers group is #8 so the URL would look like http://SERVER/open-audit/index.php/main/list_devices/8 and you would use 8 for the oae_group.

We have also created (but not activated) a Group Definition to enable only devices with their "Manage in OAE" attribute enabled. You can edit this attribute using Bulk Edit or on an individual device details page. To activate the group go to menu -> Admin -> Groups -> Activate Group and enable it. Then (as per above) edit the Enterprise config file to use this particular group.

Username and Password

You can change the credentials for the Open-AudIT Enterprise user in the config file by editing the oae_username and oae_password fields. You will have to make corresponding changes in the Open-AudIT Community GUI for this user (menu -> Manage -> Users -> List Users).


To enable Maps, create locations in Open-AudIT (Manage -> Locations > Create Locations) and ensure the Activate Group checkbox is ticked. Next assign some devices to those locations. You will now see these on the Open-AudIT Enterprise Map by clicking the opMaps icon in the Open-AudIT header or the Map link on the left side of the Open-AudIT Enterprise Dashboard.


Scheduled Reports

**UPDATE - This is now configurable from the web interface. In Open-AudIT Enterprise, go to Report -> Schedule Report.