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UsernamePasswordLevelUsed For
adminpasswordAdministratordefault logon
nmisnm1888AdministratorFor users matching the nmis default user.
open-audit_enterpriseopenaudit1234567890UserList view access on "All Devices" group only.

You should use the admin or nmis users user to log on to the web interface.

For Open-AudIT Enterprise, the admin and nmis users (as above) exist. The open-audit_enterprise user is used internally by Open-AudIT Enterprise to retrieve data from Open-AudIT. If you change the password for this user in Open-AudIT, you should also insert the updated password in the conf/opCommon.nmis file inside Open-AudIT Enterprise. This file will be in c:\omk for Windows or /usr/local/omk for Linux installations.