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If we ask for a full dump <mib> would be “.1”, which is the full ISO tree, or we might ask for a specific branch, like “system” or “ifTable” for example.

Polling Log

If you need to diagnose RRD-related issues you may also want to make use of the Polling Log, which records exactly what is sent to RRDtool for storage.

Please note that this log can be filling up quite quickly, so you shouldn't leave it enabled any longer than necessary. The Polling Log is configured using the option polling_log (in the files section of  Config.nmis), and it's inactive unless the file exists. The default file is <nmis_logs>/polling.log and to activate this log you need to create the file, for example using touch:

Code Block
cd /usr/local/nmis8
touch logs/polling.log

It is highly recommended that you deactivate the polling log once you are done with your diagnostics by simply deleting the polling log file.

Log Files

Other logs are useful to see, but usually depending on the issue we would ask for this, but some handy logs to look at are: