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New feature - Baselines. Database changes which will affect groups and reports. Upgrading will remove noncurrent database rows. IBM DSxxxx SAN auditing.

Open-AudIT Enterprise - New - Baselines.

Open-AudIT - Bug - Fixed software license editing by a non-Admin user.

Open-AudIT - New - Audit IBM DS 5xxx SANs.

Open-AudIT - Change - New SQL schema naming convention and associated changes.

Open-AudIT - Change - Audit Log renamed to Edit Log. Audits renamed to Audit Log. Alert Log renamed to Change Log.

Open-AudIT - New - Added SNMP helpers.

Open-AudIT - New - Group definition for NAS device types.

Open-AudIT - New - Added a function (not exposed in the GUI) to reset all devices ip addresses in a given group.

Open-AudIT - Bug - Fixed audit script for disks in El Capitan.

Open-AudIT - Improved - Improved matching code when processing vm guests.

Open-AudIT - Depreciated - Depreciated the audit_subnet.[vbs|sh] scripts as Discovery performs these functions, only better.

Open-AudIT - Changed - Report and Group definitions removed from SQL script. When a user accesses any Open-AudIT page a check is performed and if there are no reports, the default reports are created from the report definition files. Same for Groups.



Our new major feature for 1.10 is the beginning of our Baselines feature. This is not finished as yet (in 1.10), but we wanted it out there for feedback. Baselines in Open-AudIT Enterprise allow you to take the details of one machine (say software) and use that as a basis for comparison against another machine or group of machines. So you can say "Take the software installed on Machine X and tell me where it's different on the device group for Web Servers." You will get a nice GUI interface showing which machines did or did not meet the expected software install state. You can also apply this to users and netstat ports. Other tables will be introduced in the future.