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Released 2024-05-




This is a minor bug fix release. One new feature is discoveries::require_port. This is disabled by default. When enabled a given IP must respond with an open port (according to the Scan Options) to be considered active. Some customers have been having issues with routers / firewalls out of their control between the Open-AudIT Server and the remote network (and hence target IPs). The router 'helpfully' responds to ping scans and also to port scans with an 'open|filtered' response, which was triggering a "this IP is active" log. Now, with this new option, you can set your Scan Options to ignore open|filtered responses (so no ports will be detected) and even though a ping response is received, it will not trigger the IP being further discovered.

EnterpriseImprovementDiscoveriesDo not show the DiscoveriesExecute screen if no Collectors with type = collector are retrieved. This screen was being triggered even if the only Collectors were "stand-alone" (which is useless).
CommunityImprovementAllEnable auto-detect timezone code from 4.x. Instead of our default of Brisbane/Australia, attempt to use the timezone configured on the server.
EnterpriseBugCollectorEnsure we send the device audit result, when sent directly from the device, from a Collector to the Server.
EnterpriseImprovementAgentsAllow for Win32_Printer not existing in PowerShell audit.
EnterpriseImprovementAgentsUse an improved Win32_ComputerSystem.Domain property extractor.
EnterpriseBugAgentsDo not output toolbar when CI_ENVIRONMENT = development for Agents::Execute.
EnterpriseImprovementAgentsExtra JSON filtering upon accepting a device for processing.
CommunityNew FeatureDiscoveriesAdd the require_port option (which should not normally be used, see above).
CommunityBugDevicesOn the DevicesRead template, fix the Close buttons in the Server section.