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Resources help present a normalised view of NMIS models. For example they allow for taking different SNMP implementations of CPU's (avgBusy5/ssCpuRawUser/etc) into a single normalised resource with variables named the same so systems like TopN can look at all CPU's had and present a list of them.  In order to do this the Resource model definitions are defined per-model, they can import common sections, and override any part of them.  Each section defines how to find the information in the NMIS model, and how it will be presented.

Internal (dev) Info

Internally, resources are accessed like this:
Node -> Resource Types -> Resource Keys -> Resource

Resources are all indexed and are accessed via their key, if there is only one of them then there is only 1 index key available.  Resource keys are the indexes.  Resource Resource types can be asked for the available keys, then, can be asked for a resource using one of the keys provided.

end of internal dev info.

Example Resource Types:

  • cpu (display name CPU)
  • memory (display name Memory)
  • interface (display name Interface)
  • packets (display name Packets)
  • processes (display name Processes)
  • users (display name Users)