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In the current release of opCharts polling definitions can only be created/changed using the CLI and text editor. 

Polling definitions are not complicated although there are many options/attributes when looking at the documentation.  

opCharts requires each polling defintion definition to have a unique name, pollers cannot be deleted if they are currently referenced by a collector in any state.  Adding revision numbers to the name is suggested.


The first step in creating a new polling definition is to create a new file. Two basic options to get started:

  • copy an existing json JSON definition file from /usr/local/omk/install/nmisd/pollers.d/ is an option.
  • Start with a blank definition: 

    Code Block
    		"name" : "New poller name 1",
    		"description" : "New poller description, first revision",
    		"properties": [],
    		"virtual_properties": [],
    		"fields": [],
    		"virtual_fields": [],
    		"graph_options" : {}


When the polling definition file is ready, use to import the new file, make note that the name given in the definition must be unique: 


Select the new collector and a graph should appear and start to populate with new data.

If no data appears, you can try:

  • Checking/unchecking the refresh box.  
  • Check the opCharts.log file in /usr/local/omk/log/ for information about the new poller
  • start nmisd in debug mode and inspect the output

    Code Block
    service nmisd stop
    /usr/local/omk/bin/ foreground=1 debug=1