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We have changed the structure of the 'system' table within Open-AudIT. THIS WILL AFFECT CUSTOM REPORTS AND GROUPS. I cannot stress this highly enough. If you have custom reports and/or groups you will need to export them from Open-AudIT (menu -> Admin -> Queries|Groups -> List, then click the Export button), then delete them (menu -> Admin -> Queries|Groups -> List, then click the Delete button) preferably BEFORE upgrading Open-AudIT. If you have extremely simple items, the upgrade may correctly update them for you - but I wouldn't count on it. Once you have completed the upgrade you can edit your custom reports and/or groups to reflect the updated system table and import them back into Open-AudIT.

NOTE - If running on Windows 2012r2 there is an issue with scheduled tasks. This will be addressed in a future update.

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