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We initially setup the default list of scripts with the default options. The list of script is viewable at /scripts. These default scripts cannot be deleted. You can create additional scripts for use by you as required. Your script will be based on one of the existing scripts and have custom options applied. The scripts can then be downloaded from the list page at menu: Discover -> Audit Scripts -> List Audit Scripts.

Modifying an Existing Script

You are always free to modify the audit scripts themselves to suit your specific requirements. You will need to (re)incorporate those changes whenever you upgrade as they will be overwritten by the default scripts. I would suggest saving a master copy of your modified script, upgrading Open-AudIT, then running a diff between the new default script and your modified script and applying the differences. The audit scripts are native scripts (Windows is VBScript, all others are Bash). Simple and easy to modify - just make sure to have a copy of your changes before you upgrade.

Creating a Script

To make another script use the menu and go to menu: Discover -> Audit Scripts -> Create Audit Scripts. Provide a name and optionally a description. Choose a type of script to base your custom script upon. Once you do this, the Options section will populate with the available configurable options. At present Windows and Linux scripts will have the "files" details injected. See details about files here - Files.