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  • How NMIS interfaces with WMI-based devices

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To collect WMI data NMIS has to use a WMI access tool. At As of NMIS 8.6.0 we are using wmic, a commandline tool belonging to the Samba software suite.
NMIS 8.6.0 ships with a precompiled wmic program, and installs it as /usr/local/nmis8/bin/wmic. If the precompiled version should not work on your platform, the installer will notify you of that problem and you'll have to perform a manual build of wmic. The sources for wmic can be downloaded here: and you shouldn't have to do more than unpack that, and run make. When the build is complete, you should copy the resulting  wmic file to /usr/local/nmis8/bin/.


If the node in question requires a windows domain prefix for the WMI access, then prepend that to the wmiusername followed by a "/", e.g. "somedomain/theuser".
In NMIS 8.6.7 and newer you can also provide the domain in the form "theuser@somedomain".

Automatic model selection does include WMI as a source of information, if SNMP is not available and if wmiusername and wmipassword are set.