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Opmantek supply Open-AudIT as a packaged binary. Windows users will also need to (separately) install Nmap. Windows installs include a full WAMP stack, where-as the Linux package uses the native package manager to install these dependencies.


If you have no interest in Professional, Enterprise, Collector or Cloud and the benefits they offer over and above Community, you can simply click the "Do not show me again" button when running Community and you will never be prompted about these options again. Opmantek uses the commercial programs to support development of the open source application.

Publicly Available Code

The source code for Open-AudIT is available on Github and is AGPL licensed. This code does not include the installer so users will need to take care of installing the dependencies and configuring the required services themselves. This source code does not include any Open-AudIT Professional, Enterprise, Collector or Cloud code as these are commercial closed source applications.