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WHERE @filter AND ( = 'Administrators' OR = 'Power Users' OR = 'Remote Desktop Users' OR = 'wheel' OR = 'sudo') AND user_group.members > '' GROUP BY, ORDER BY

Database Schema

The database schema can be found in the application if the user has database::read permission by going to menu: Admin -> Database -> List Tables, then clicking on the details button for the table. Device details are stored in the system table.


NOTE - The SQL queries used in Open-AudIT require the use of the backtick - ` character and NOT the standard single quote for fields. On most US Windows keyboards the backtick key is located in the top-left of the keyboard along with the tilde ~. On a US Mac keyboard the backtick key is located next to the SHIFT key. The standard single quote is still used to enclose values as the examples below illustrate.