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  • Perl Net::SNMP Error: Time synchronization failed during discovery

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  • While working with SNMPv3 with a specific SNMP agent, we encountered problems with SNMPv3 “Time synchronization”, some research determined that this error could be ignored, so modifying the Net::SNMP Perl library could workaround this problem.
  • If you encounter the 'Time synchronization failed during discovery' error using the perl Net::SNMP library there may be a fairly easy work around.  It may be as easy as editing the Net::SNMP module to not invoke this error.  The following advice should be executed as root.
  • The following was done with the Net::SNMP Version 6.0.1 package.  If this library is upgraded, this patch may need to be reapplied.

Find Net::SNMP

In order to find where Net::SNMP is on the subject system issue the following command.


The @INC array is a list of directories that perl looks in to find modules.  This is a top down, first match find operation.  Based on this the version in /usr/local/share/perl5/Net will be utilized because it will be found first.

Edit Net::SNMP

We were able to get the agent to work by doing the following: