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  • NMIS 9 Release Notes

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  • Smarter non-interactive installation with Preseeding
  • Support to See poller nodes from the master.
  • Fixed visualisation problem with numeric node nodes. Nodes with only numbers on the name, like "12345" where were causing problems on the system.
  • Show poller_event_log by default if the NMIS9 is a master, in case syslog is configured to get network events on master.
  • mojolicious 8.x is a new dependency that has a totally rotten default format for mojo::log. Fixed log format and set log_level to info which is no longer the default.
  • Fixed race condition in the poll process causing the catchall inventory data not being updating propertly when the ping operation runs at the same time. 
  • Fixed fpingd process on debian 10 was causing heaps of space padding to be added if $0 is changed.
  • Fixed NMIS9 runtime graph was not working. 
  • Change sysLocation field title to 'SNMP Location' to declash with manually configured location field, which is titled 'Location'.
  • Added hr* sections to net-snmp model so opCharts can know what charts to make. 
  • Fixed network_summary_group view had empty columns.
  • Fixed node response time graphs for nodes (shown NaN on previous):