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Every environment is different and we understand that. We are often questioned if Open-AudIT is pcidss compliant, can audit in a DMZ (demilitarized zone) or an air gapped network. The answer to all of these questions is yes however, it is a matter of process. This How-To is designed to help you think through this process and assist in implementing Open-AudIT into a variety of complex network environments. Follow the chart and decide which audit methods are most relevant to you and your team and see instructions below on how to accomplish these complex audits.

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Link B - How to use Active Directory Discovery

Link C - Collector / Server

Link D - Auditing with a Script

Link E - Building your Network Discovery

Auditing with a script

Open-AudIT can perform audits simply with the proper credential set of a device or subnet. In some cases there may be no internet access or it is a remote machine, etc. this is when auditing using a script can come in handy.