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Linux md5sum: 997357d6fd28a0e6f524876ed33533ba


Open-AudITImprovementRedefine widgets to include better links to resulting pages.
Open-AudITBugFix match rules population for discovery execution (affected new discoveries, not existing discoveries).
Open-AudITBugFix cloud discoveries.
Open-AudITImprovementMake the temp scripts use microtime as seconds as too course as we had overlapping scripts used for different devices. Particularly from cloud where we populate the queue and start them (20) all at once.
Open-AudITBugFix test for match_mac.
Open-AudITImprovementProvide a JSON error when sender not in list of blessed subnets for discovery.
Open-AudITImprovementAdded a check to bypass (blessed subnets) if a user uploads an audit result and is logged in.
Open-AudITBugFix search output helper.

Revise SSH commands to use 10 seconds timeouts.

Open-AudITImprovementRevise SFTP to use 20 seconds timeout.
Open-AudITImprovementSpeed updiscovery under Windows by returning an empty string to Windows discovery script as per Linux so we do not wait for a device to complete processing, before discovering the next device.
Open-AudITBugSecond fix for detecting auditing localhost in audit windows.
Open-AudITImprovementExtra checks in template so no error if cannot decrypt credentials in v_credentials_read.
Open-AudITImprovementAdd extra warnings about not being able to decode credentials for 2.3.2 upgrade.
Open-Audit ProfessionalImprovementInstaller tweak because MySQL changed schema from 5.7 onwards re: Users.