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Upgrading on Linux

Backup your database



Linux - copy your existing files to a backup directory. The old install directory was /usr/share/oav2/other the new install directory is /usr/local/open-audit. Comment out the line "mysql -u root -popenauditrootuserpassword openaudit < /usr/local/open-audit/other/openaudit_mysql.sql" in the install script.


The install scripts assume a freshly installed system with no MySQL password. Adjust if necessary. Install as per the installation script in the 'open-audit\other' directory.


Run the following and populate a new database with your backup from earlier.
mysql -u root -popenauditrootuserpassword openaudit < BACKUP_FILE_NAME.sql


If you have any custom files, copy them to the new location from your backup.


Log on to the web interface as admin and go to Help -> About. Upgrade the database.



The audit scripts have changed their XML schema. Ensure you update your exiting scheduled tasks, group policy, login scripts, etc with the new scripts.This page is no longer used.

Please see:

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