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In summary, NMIS supports any device which supports SNMP with "Default" models, this is called standard support, this includes Default models for SNMPv1 only devices , and newer SNMP agents which support the High Capacity agent.  Standard support include includes performance and fault collection and alerting of interface statistics and IP packet activity.  Device support NMIS has been extended for various vendors and products, this includes performance and fault collection, alerting and thresholding on additional information like CPU, memory, disk, services, storage, sessions, packets, temperature, and many other things.


Any product which supports SNMP and the SNMP standards , is supported by NMIS, the following table lists some of the vendors supported by NMIS, and if there is standard or extended support.  NMIS has exceptional multi-vendor capabilities and can actually manage equipment from over 1035,000 vendors.  A more complete list of SNMP vendors is available at Network Management System NMIS Supported Vendors SNMP.

Contact Opmantek for information on support for any vendors not listed here - it's almost 100% certain that NMIS will support the one you're wondering about.