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To enable the NMIS import/export functionality, make sure the config item for Open-AudIT is set to y for NMIS integration. Go to Admin -> Community -> All Configuration. If the value for nmis is set to n, click it and set it to yThat will enable NMIS integration. 

If your server contains installs of both NMIS and Open-AudIT, much of the data transfer is automated.

If you wish to import any devices you have set up from NMIS into Open-AudIT, in the menu bar, go to Manage -> Devices -> Import Devices from NMIS Nodes file and Open-Audit will parse the stored NMIS host data from the Nmis.nodes file, import the devices and use SNMP to query them for an initial data set.

Conversely if you wish to export devices from Open-AudIT to NMIS, select a Group containing the Devices you wish to export. On the menu bar select Manage -> Devices -> Export Devices to NMIS. A form will be displayed that will allow you to select which devices you would like exported to NMIS. Click the check boxes for the desired devices and click the Export button in the table header. Open-Audit will backup your NMIS hosts config file (see below), then merge the exported Open-AudIT data. You will need to manually remove the backup file when you are happy that it has imported correctly. Failure to remove this file will result in the subsequent exports to NMIS from Open-AudIT failing. Any exported devices MUST have an ip address, hostname and SNMP credentials. 

You can set SNMP credentials either via a Group Edit or for an individual system via the device details screen.

The Open-AudIT exported devices will be placed into the NMIS group "Open-AudIT".

The export script backs up file /usr/local/nmis8/conf/Nodes.nmis to /usr/local/nmis8/config/Nodes.nmis.backup.

If your server contains an Open-AudIT install but not an NMIS install, you can only (at present) export devices from Open-AudIT.

To import devices from NMIS into Open-AudIT you will need (at present) to convert the NMIS Nodes.NMIS file into a spreadsheet and import. You can find that file at /usr/local/nmis8/conf/Nodes.nmis

Exporting devices is the same as above, however because NMIS is not installed, when you click the Export button a file will be provided to download that will contain the required devices in CSV format. You can copy this to your NMIS server and run the script /usr/local/nmis8/admin/ (specifying the names of the CSV) - read the file for the options.