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The following assumes a working knowledge of Linux/Unix shell.

Table of Contents

Identifying Missing Perl Libraries

When using NMIS, it is likely you will encounter an error message like the following:

Code Block
Can't locate Data/ in @INC (@INC contains: /opt/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.12.4/darwin-thread-multi-2level /opt/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.12.4 /opt/local/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.12.4/darwin-thread-multi-2level /opt/local/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.12.4 /opt/local/lib/perl5/5.12.4/darwin-thread-multi-2level /opt/local/lib/perl5/5.12.4 /opt/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.12.3 /opt/local/lib/perl5/site_perl /opt/local/lib/perl5/vendor_perl .) at line 3.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at line 3.

The error message is telling you everything you need to know, the first part "Can't locate Data/ in @INC" means that Perl can not find the module or libary called Data::UUID in the library folders named in the part "@INC contains:", and this problem was found at line 3 of "BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at line 3.".

Line 3 of this code contains the following:

Code Block
use Data::UUID;

To make this work, Data::UUID will need to be installed, this can be done with or without using the.

Installing using CPAN

If the computer having the problem has an internet connection you can use the command cpan to install the library.  The first time you run cpan it will ask a bunch of questions, the defaults will work 99% of the time, so accept them all.

Code Block

Then you will be at a CPAN prompt, at this prompt just type "install <missing library name>", in this example:

Code Block
install Data::UUID

Follow Prequest Automatically

You will be prompted and if doing this alot you might want to accept the prompts automatically, the following can be used and the CPAN shell prompt:

Code Block
o conf prerequisites_policy follow
o conf commit


Installing without CPAN

Find the Perl Library Source

If you don't have the Perl library source code, you will need to download it.  Finding Perl Libraries is easy thanks to Google, so google Data::UUID and the first hit will most likely be the CPAN website:

Go to CPAN and download the package

Now you have the file to install the source code.

Install the Perl Library from Source Code

The next part is usually very straight forward 99% of the time, the commands to do this are very easy, assuming the tarball file is in your local directory:

Code Block
tar xvf Data-UUID-1.218.tar.gz 
cd Data-UUID-1.218 
perl Makefile.PL 
make test # optional
make install # if not root user then "sudo make install"

The output for that process will look something like this (this was done on MAC OSX, same for Linux, Solaris, etc):

Code Block
loki:src keith$ tar xvf Data-UUID-1.218.tar.gz 
x Data-UUID-1.218/
x Data-UUID-1.218/Changes
x Data-UUID-1.218/LICENSE
x Data-UUID-1.218/Makefile.PL
x Data-UUID-1.218/MANIFEST
x Data-UUID-1.218/META.json
x Data-UUID-1.218/META.yml
x Data-UUID-1.218/ptable.h
x Data-UUID-1.218/README
x Data-UUID-1.218/smp-test/
x Data-UUID-1.218/t/
x Data-UUID-1.218/typemap
x Data-UUID-1.218/UUID.h
x Data-UUID-1.218/
x Data-UUID-1.218/UUID.xs
x Data-UUID-1.218/t/basic.t
x Data-UUID-1.218/t/from-name-collisions.t
x Data-UUID-1.218/t/leaky_dollar_bang.t
x Data-UUID-1.218/t/pod-coverage.t
x Data-UUID-1.218/t/pod.t
x Data-UUID-1.218/t/segv.t
x Data-UUID-1.218/t/threads.t
x Data-UUID-1.218/smp-test/collision.t
x Data-UUID-1.218/smp-test/

loki:src keith$ cd Data-UUID-1.218
loki:Data-UUID-1.218 keith$ perl Makefile.PL 
Checking if your kit is complete...
Looks good
Configured options (run perl Makefile.PL --help for how to change this):
 UUID state storage: /var/folders/3t/nz6h9cxd0ln0d11x6jvl9sr40000gn/T
 default umask: 0007
Writing Makefile for Data::UUID
Writing MYMETA.yml and MYMETA.json
loki:Data-UUID-1.218 keith$ make
cp blib/lib/Data/
/opt/local/bin/perl /opt/local/lib/perl5/5.12.4/ExtUtils/xsubpp -typemap /opt/local/lib/perl5/5.12.4/ExtUtils/typemap -typemap typemap UUID.xs > UUID.xsc && mv UUID.xsc UUID.c
/usr/bin/clang -c -pipe -O2 -fno-common -DPERL_DARWIN -I/opt/local/include -no-cpp-precomp -fno-strict-aliasing -fstack-protector -I/opt/local/include -O3 -DVERSION=\"1.218\" -DXS_VERSION=\"1.218\" "-I/opt/local/lib/perl5/5.12.4/darwin-thread-multi-2level/CORE" -D_STDIR=\"/var/folders/3t/nz6h9cxd0ln0d11x6jvl9sr40000gn/T\" -D__darwin__ -D_DEFAULT_UMASK=0007 UUID.c
Running Mkbootstrap for Data::UUID ()
chmod 644
rm -f blib/arch/auto/Data/UUID/UUID.bundle
env MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.3 /usr/bin/clang -L/opt/local/lib -bundle -undefined dynamic_lookup -fstack-protector UUID.o -o blib/arch/auto/Data/UUID/UUID.bundle \

chmod 755 blib/arch/auto/Data/UUID/UUID.bundle
cp blib/arch/auto/Data/UUID/
chmod 644 blib/arch/auto/Data/UUID/
Manifying blib/man3/Data::UUID.3pm
loki:Data-UUID-1.218 keith$ make test # optional
PERL_DL_NONLAZY=1 /opt/local/bin/perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" "-e" "test_harness(0, 'blib/lib', 'blib/arch')" t/*.t
t/basic.t ................. ok 
t/from-name-collisions.t .. ok 
t/leaky_dollar_bang.t ..... ok 
t/pod-coverage.t .......... skipped: Pod coverage tests are not active. Please set $ENV{AUTHOR_TESTING} to activate.
t/pod.t ................... skipped: Pod coverage tests are not active. Please set $ENV{AUTHOR_TESTING} to activate.
t/segv.t .................. ok 
t/threads.t ............... ok 
All tests successful.
Files=7, Tests=36, 0 wallclock secs ( 0.03 usr 0.01 sys + 0.25 cusr 0.05 csys = 0.34 CPU)
Result: PASS
loki:Data-UUID-1.218 keith$ sudo make install
Files found in blib/arch: installing files in blib/lib into architecture dependent library tree
Installing /opt/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.12.4/darwin-thread-multi-2level/auto/Data/UUID/
Installing /opt/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.12.4/darwin-thread-multi-2level/auto/Data/UUID/UUID.bundle
Installing /opt/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.12.4/darwin-thread-multi-2level/Data/
Installing /opt/local/share/perl5.12/siteman/man3/Data::UUID.3pm
Appending installation info to /opt/local/lib/perl5/5.12.4/darwin-thread-multi-2level/perllocal.pod
loki:Data-UUID-1.218 keith$
Hello World