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New configuration options

If you go to Admin -> Configure you will now see additional options for configuration. snmp_default_community is used to set a community string when discovering devices. It is initially populated with "public". name_match is used when an audit result is submitted - if all else fails when trying to match a submitted system, use the system name. This is set to "n" by default and restores the way Open-AudIT functioned pre v1.0.3. 

New Group Definitions

All Group Definitions have been revised. Please deactivate any standrd Groups in your existing install and activate new Groups from Menu -> Admin -> Groups -> Activate Group.

List of updated items

Revised SNMP files. Each SNMP organisation has a dedicated "helper" file in open-audit/code_igniter/application/helpers. The file name is snmp_XXX_helper.php where XXX is the Org OID. This splits up the existing (huge) snmp_oid_helper file and we can cater to different (for example) serial number snmp locations on a per OrgId or even per OID value. Several different devices have been tested but as users encounter devices that are not reported correctly, they should submit the details to have them included and "just work" in future releases of Open-AudIT.